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Call it online interior planning, e-Decorating, virtual room design, or room design online. No matter what spin, everything points to a cutting-edge trend in home based decorating that results in affordable design for you.

With all the deluge of DIY shelter magazines, home-decorating TV, and simple online use of furnishings, it absolutely was just a a few time prior to the interior design industry could be made to evolve also. Enter e-Decorating, a budget-friendly, flat-fee based online design option to traditional, on-site interior design services.

Wondering how e-Decorating works? Here is how face-to-face and web-based compare:

Style and Budget

* An on-site designer helps you define your needs, preferences and budget through on-site consultations. A web based designer will the same by way of a questionnaire, phone consultations and in some cases, services for example Skype.

Inventory, Measuring and Photography

* An on-site designer inventories, measures and photos your home. An online designer walks you in conducting your personal inventory, measuring and photography, that you just then submit, typically via e-mail.


* An on-site designer creates your room's design, which includes a space plan, color scheme and product recommendations. An internet designer does the same.

Architectural Drawings

* An on-site designer prepares interior architectural drawings for that construction of the space and or built-ins. A web-based designer typically will not prepare architectural drawings which need precise on-site measuring.

Purchasing and Installation

* An on-site designer implements and coordinates the purchasing and installation process, with bespoke, antique and/or custom To-The-Trade items not available to the general public. A web-based designer walks you in implementing the purchasing and installing of products from well-established online-retailers and, in some instances, purchases To-The-Trade items directly for you.


* An on-site designer sets the pace for your purchasing and installation process. An internet designer permits you to take the project at your own pace, implementing your purchasing and installation as your budget and time allow.


* An on-site designer typically needs a retainer ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 and costs actual project fees at either a flat or hourly rate according to $120 - $200/hour. An online designer charges a flat fee which range from $250 - $1,000 for an entire room design.

There it is. If you are on the slim budget, don't mind doing a little leg-work, and like initiating new projects all on your own, consider e-Decorating services. For those who have bundles burning, need precisely dimensioned architectural drawings, and prefer to have someone else do every one of the leg-work in your case, go face-to-face. In any event, you may not be disappointed.

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